The Salalah Tourism Festival

Salalah is an ancient Arabic city, the capital of Dohfar and the governor’s seat. It’s the 2nd largest city on Oman’s Sultanate. Salalah is most known for being the “Perfume Capital” of mysterious and beautiful Arabia. Aside from that title, it is a popular tourist destination thanks to the abundance of natural, not to mention stunningly beautiful wild and plant life, as well as the nearby mountain ranges. Bird watching is a favourite activity, as is scuba diving. The lush green areas around the city support herds of cattle. The local climate is accommodating to exotic wildlife such as hyenas and leopards.

This ancient city still holds treasures for you to view; the ruins of the fortified Sumharam, which was a vital port between 100 BC and 400 AD for instance, are quite a site to feast your eyes on. There are also exhibits of casino games as well as their developers. Modern day Oman is strongly represented by the port of Salalah, which is located a mere 15km to the South West of the actual city. The well thought out and highly strategic location of this port made it one of the more frequently used entry points to India, the Middle East, and Africa.

The biggest attraction, however, that this city holds to the outside world is the Salalah Tourism Festival, which is held once annually and is the source of a huge in pouring of annual revenue for the surrounding areas. This festival has evolved to become the largest consumer festival in the area. It has a hard earned reputation for securing incredible marketing and sales gains, as well as a distinctive edge and the ability to capture the visitors who are drawn to the city by this auspicious event. There are even online gambling operators who look after their clients. This festival is an incredible 48 days worth or shopping paradise! The newest products are on sale, with this festivities being well timed as you can stock up for Christmas. Networking opportunities are endless, as well as the highest product visibility you could hope for.One of the best attractions for visitors is that they get the chance to play Omani casino games for fun. It is a brilliant way to try out the various games that the people of Oman enjoy on a regular basis, games that the eastern or western world, has yet to enjoy on a large scale.The city overflows with visitors from all over the world…numbers such as 350.000 people have been recorded!

As an exhibitor or merely a visiting festival goer, the Salalah Tourism Festival is an event you would not want to miss out on for any reason! The mystical and enchanting land it’s set in is reason enough in itself for a visit; but who would deny themselves the opportunity to see and purchase products from all over the world. Technology, food, crafts, fashions…it’s all here at the Salalah Tourism Festival. For more information, travel and accommodation assistance, please visit the official webpage online.

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